Six Tips to Picking the Right Tree Removal Company

Picking the right tree removal company is a tough decision. Hiring an inexperienced company can lead to serious damage to the home and surrounding land, while hiring one with experience might be more costly than one expected. Removing Trees can be dangerous, and some companies might not have the experience or knowledge required for this type of work. You want to make sure that you’re not only getting your money’s worth but they will also do the job in a safe manner. It’s best to find one who will take care of the property and remove the trees efficiently and effectively. There are many things to consider, including the cost of services, safety precautions taken by the company and how long it will take them to get the job done. Request a free estimate or consultation with at least three different contractors before making a decision on which one is best suited for the services required so there won’t be any regrets. It’s also good to find out if there are any extra fees for added services like hauling away debris or grinding up stumps after removal – these costs may not be included in pricing quoted over the phone. Whether one is looking for customer service, pricing, or even other types of tree service there is something for every homeowner in the local Scurry, Texas area. To make sure that the job is done right and on time come see Freestone Tree & Lawn Care Service, their team of tree removal professionals will guarantee only the high quality workmanship.

  • Why You Should Hire a Tree Service Professional

In answering this question, it’s best to explore why a tree needs to be removed in the first place and how big is the property to be serviced. Consider hiring a contractor that specializes in tree removal instead of an average landscaping company. Many people do not realize the importance of hiring a professional for tree services. That is, they believe it’s something one can easily learn how to do by themselves and save some money. However, this isn’t always true. There are many things that require years or decades worth of experience – such as maintaining trees properly in an environment like Scurry, TX. It matters what kind of tree too; each species has its unique needs during different times throughout the year which must be addressed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Tree service professionals will remove and trim any branches which have become unsafe. They are  experts at pruning trees to make sure that their shape is aesthetically pleasing while making them even stronger in the process. These professionals can also give a landscape more room for new growth by removing overgrown or dead limbs from fully grown plants. Save time and money by hiring a professional tree service company to do the hard work. There’s no need to hire an extra person, invest in tools that may or may not get used again after the project is completed, nor risk injury because these professionals know how to tackle any size job with skillful expertise.


  • Know the Different Types of Tree Services 

Before any homeowner hires the right tree service professional for the job, they need to be well-informed at what exactly it is that they do. Tree lopping is a simple process of trimming and shaping the branches, roots and canopy to make them healthy. A tree’s health directly impacts its ability to withstand natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes as well as adverse weather conditions such as drought. Tree Pruning can also help keep the tree healthy in general as well as make sure branches are removed from power lines if need be. There’s also stump grinding which many people may not think about until their backyard has turned into an overgrown forest with too much debris laying around. Tree removals are done in order to make room for something else that cannot otherwise be accommodated or if the trees pose a safety concern, such as when they have grown too close together and one falls on top of another during high winds causing damage to property around them. The types of tree services are different depending on the severity and urgency. There is a lot to know when it comes down to this type of service, but with research anyone can find out what would work best for their family’s needs. One should also keep in mind that there may be more than one company offering similar or overlapping services if they are not within close proximity of each other so do some additional searching before narrowing down the options. For property owners in the  Scurry, Texas area, they need to look no further. Whatever their property may require from tree removal to brush clearing, Freestone Tree & Lawn Care Services is up to the challenge.

  • The Type of Tree Matters

Some tree removal is easier and quicker than others depending on the type of tree removed. Depending on the species, some are more difficult to remove because it matters whether it’s dead or alive and how much there is at risk in terms of property damage if a tree should fall during removal efforts. Some types might have branches too high up for people with ladders to reach while others require heavy equipment like chainsaws or even cranes. Tree removals range from easy ones where all they need to do is drag them out by their roots to removing live trees which may pose no danger but take longer because they must first cut off its base before dragging it away. If a tree is light enough for removal, such as poplar or cedar, removing it might take only an hour at most. Some can’t be removed because they’re part of the house’s foundation like an oak tree that has grown over decades with every layer built around it; while other breeds might need extra care such as palm trees who grow downward instead upward requiring special equipment before being freed from their roots below ground level. Make sure you consider some types before dismissing them entirely because there could end up being big problems later on with certain kinds. 

  • Look for Quality and Experience 

No one wants to get the wrong tree removal company for their needs. It’s easy enough though, if you know what questions to ask and how much experience they have. When choosing a tree service provider for the project, it is important that research is done on them first so there are no hidden surprises down the line when things don’t go according to plan or budget restrictions come into play. If one is looking for a reputable tree removal company, there are many signs to look out for. One way is by checking reviews online or asking around in the community and seeing what others say about them. A reputable company will have plenty of satisfied customers who will be more than happy to put forward testimonials. Homeowners should also call up some past clients to get an idea of what it’s like working with them. Another way to tell if a tree removal company has experience is by the years they’ve been in business. The longer they’ve been around means that they have an established track record of success and are trusted by other customers. Certified Arborists should have experience working with trees and know what risks they pose when removing them. They should also offer options such as trimming versus removing large trees altogether because sometimes smaller trees can grow into larger ones later down the line. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not asking whether their desired contractor has ever had any insurance claims filed against them in past jobs before signing off on anything.

  • Factors to Consider in Tree Removal Costs  

Trees are a beautiful sight to behold and add immense value to homes. Unfortunately, they can also be the bane of many an owner’s existence. When they become too large for the yard or start damaging buildings nearby, homeowners may need help removing them safely. When a homeowner needs services at home or on their property there is more than one factor that will determine the final tree removal cost. One must consider various factors before deciding on a tree removal company–many of which depend upon how much one can afford: who will do the work; if there is an estimated time frame needed (i.e., this week vs next month); what type of stump grinding needs done after branches have fallen away; whether any hazardous materials were used during caretaking such as fertilizers or pesticides that could be harmful afterward, and so on. When removing an oak tree from the yard that has grown too tall and is now causing damage to nearby structures such as power lines, telephone poles, and buildings, the price has to include labor costs associated with removing downed branches after storms along with equipment rental fees. The cost for removing difficult types of trees varies depending on how much work is involved but could include ground excavation followed by crane rental and/or use of an excavator attachment if necessary to loosen soil around root systems before they’re buried under backfill material. If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable tree service company that takes these costs into account and offers free estimates, Freestone Tree & Lawn Care Service offers competitive pricing that other tree service companies in the Scurry, Texas area simply can’t match.

  • Tree Removal Safety and Regulation 

Most people are not aware of the considerable dangers that come with tree removal. Trees can be very heavy and unstable, especially if they have been weakened by disease or other factors in their environment. In addition to this, trees usually grow on uneven terrain so it is hard for a person working at height to balance themselves properly without putting all their weight onto one branch. These kinds of safety risks mean there should always be guidelines set out before undertaking any work involving cutting down living plants. Tree Removal professionals must have the right equipment, such as ladders and chainsaws to cut them up into manageable pieces that  can be safely carried out of the yard or wooded area. Proper safety gear like gloves should also be worn at all times while handling sharp blades in an attempt to avoid injury from accidental cuts or scratches on bare skin which may happen when carrying logs away for burning purposes. They should also provide an inspection report detailing what trees need removing or trimming then give you a written estimate with all costs including stump grinding included in advance of work being started so there are no surprises when it comes to the services required. And before starting any work they’ll make sure not only their employees but also the site’s safety is addressed by providing such things as barricades around areas where heavy equipment will be used, large signs warning people away from construction zones, and dust control measures. It’s also recommended to check with the local government as they may have rules or regulations on how trees can be removed from public areas, such as parks. 

How much does it cost to have a tree removed?

Removing a large evergreen from someone’s lawn is typically more expensive than ripping out some small bushes growing up against their house because they often require additional excavation work in order to get them free without damaging any other structures nearby. The average price for removing trees depends largely on two factors: The type (i.e., whether you need an arborist or landscaper), and how much area needs trimming before cutting down the tree in question; the price could vary depending upon its proximity to power lines, public utility poles, property boundaries–both yours as well as those nearby—and any other obstructions that might be between where they are planning on taking out the stump.

How can I save money on tree removal?

Tree removal can be expensive. It’s important to do the right research before cutting down a tree. The first way is by asking around for referrals, which can help anyone find competitive prices and high-quality workmanship. Homeowners should also talk with experts on the current market conditions in order to estimate how much it will cost beforehand and plan accordingly for any additional expenses that may come up along the way of removing trees from the property. If you must do it yourself, try your luck at the local homeowner’s association, they may have a program in place. Consider also calling around looking for coupons or discounts of any kind or contacting friends and family members about borrowing their equipment and looking for volunteers.

 Choosing the right tree removal company is an important decision to make, especially if one is not well-versed in this field and doesn’t know what questions to ask. There are various factors that need consideration before choosing a provider: safety protocols such as insurance coverage; experience with local regulations for handling hazardous waste disposal; green credentials like certifications from third parties or organic certification requirements. The best way of finding out about these details is by asking providers upfront so there will be no surprises later on when it comes time for them to perform their services. Decide what budget range is best suited for the situation and look at quotes from different companies within this price point. Remember that low prices might not indicate quality work because of lack of experience or necessary equipment. Consider that time will be invested in managing the project if costs vary greatly between providers; so do research before making any final decisions about pricing with service providers or contractors. Using these tips, you should be able to find a tree removal company that will work best for your needs. But if these guidelines don’t seem like they’re cutting it or if you need help narrowing Freeston down which type of service is best suited for your project then give e Tree & Lawn Care Service a call at 903-265-3036 or visit their website for a free quote. Whether it is an emergency situation or just want some routine maintenance on your trees, they can help.