DOs and DONTs When It Comes to Tree Care

One of the most important things homeowners can do for their property is to keep it professionally maintained. It is important for homeowners to know some things they need to do when caring for trees on their property. This is because trees provide the following benefits: they act as a natural filter for pollutants in the air like smog, dust and pollen, they help regulate temperature by providing shade on hot summer days and cooling breezes during hotter months, they protect property from flooding by absorbing water runoff, and they create habitat for birds, insects, and other animals. They can even improve property values. Moreover, when a tree becomes endangered, or not cared for properly, it can become hazardous. There are many things to consider when maintaining trees, from trimming their branches in the winter and cutting back dead limbs in the summer to spraying them with an organic pesticide every three months. It’s also recommended to avoid using harsh chemicals like weed killer on the lawn; rather than killing weeds, they can actually kill nearby plants including your tree. Do not trim any branches within 10 feet from the home or property line unless they pose an immediate danger; this includes limbs overhanging power lines. To better care for your trees, it is important to know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to tree care. For more information on proper tree maintenance techniques, look no further than Freestone Tree and Lawn Care Service. Based in Mabank, Texas, their experts will walk you through all of the steps necessary to keep your trees healthy year-round.

First, What Is Tree Care?

Tree care, also called arboriculture and sometimes known as dendrology, is the practice of maintaining or improving a tree’s health. A profession that combines aspects such as biology, horticulture (gardening), forestry (the science and art of planting trees) with some elements from other fields like chemistry and physics. Tree Care professionals must have knowledge in these areas to properly maintain healthy trees for future generations. Tree care is important to the health of your tree, it is the preservation of trees and their environment. This can be achieved through a variety of different methods, such as pruning branches that block sunlight to preserve the healthiness of tree leaves or planting new saplings in areas where existing plants have died out due to lack of sun exposure. This can also include things like watering, fertilizing with organic materials and even pruning in some cases for a better look or structure. A lot goes into tree care, and it’s important to monitor a tree’s needs such as soil moisture, fertilizer application, and mulching around it to protect roots during winter months when they’re at risk for damage by frost. It also involves inspecting bark surfaces, looking out for signs of insect infestation so you can get them under control, and removing dead limbs.

DO: Familiarize Yourself With the Type of Tree

Tree care is an important responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It can seem daunting at first, but if you know the type of tree in your yard it will make things easier for you to do annual maintenance tasks such as pruning and watering. The type of tree homeowners have in their garden will impact what kind of care it needs. Knowing the specific trees that grow near the property can make caring for them easier and more effective. The process of caring for a tree starts with identifying what kind they are so that homeowners can have knowledge about how best to take care of them each season depending on their needs – some trees require less water than others during summer months when there’s limited rain or irrigation from natural sources, while other types might need more frequent deep soakings throughout wintertime. Types of trees vary and can be hard or easy depending on their needs, but all need water, sunlight, fertilizer once in a while and some type of pest control. Some types are more sensitive than others so it’s good to understand that before trying any treatment. You may also want to tailor what kind you’re going for based on where the tree lives because environmental factors matter. 

DON’T: Ignore Signs That May Indicate Tree Disease or Decay 

The signs of a diseased or decaying tree may be subtle but they’re easy enough to spot for those who know what they should look out for. These indicators will often show up as changes on the surface – such as browning foliage- before any internal damage is done by insects and fungi. Though bark is an easy place for a homeowner to start, it’s not always the best indicator because some types of trees have smoother coats than others. Signs that can indicate tree disease or decay are visible to the naked eye and include discoloration, leaf drop (dying leaves), dead branches, and holes in bark/trunk. The way to tell if an oak has been infected by something like Oak Wilt could be as simple as looking at its roots underneath the ground. One sign might just look like brown spots on leaves and branches near other rotting plants in one area, but can actually be fast-travelling fungi. You can’t afford to ignore the signs that may indicate your trees need care. Signs like sunken bark, soggy soil around the base of tree, and limb dieback could also be indicative of a disease or decay issue with the plants. Also, grayish coloration to foliage usually indicates some form of stress due to insect infestation like aphids who suck sap out which kills leaves so they turn their natural green color brown. It’s always best to contact qualified arborists immediately if these signs occur as soon as possible before rot sets into the wood, making treatments prohibitive.

DO: Trim Your Tree to Keep It Healthy 

Trees are an important part of many people’s yards and they can contribute to the value a property holds, but trees also require regular maintenance in order for them to remain healthy. Tree trimming is the process of thinning out and cutting branches on a tree to maintain its health. This can be done by using hand tools such as pruning saws, loppers, or pole-climbing techniques which require an arborist’s safety gear including harnesses for hauling oneself up in order to reach higher limbs that might not otherwise be accessible with ground-level equipment alone. A well-maintained tree contributes positively both environmentally and aesthetically; if any part of it becomes diseased or damaged through storms then this maintenance should take place so that future growth isn’t inhibited. Trees are often trimmed to keep them healthy, which involves keeping the tree’s canopy open and orderly. Trimming can also make trees less vulnerable to natural disasters like wind or fires that may occur in a specific area. Freestone Tree and Lawn Care Service is a full service tree trimming company in Mabank, Texas. They are experts on all types of trees and can help you maintain your property with regular cleanups. Whether it’s an oak or pine, they know how to take care of it!

DON’T: Plant Your Tree Too Close to Buildings or Other Trees 

Trees need room to breathe, which means that they should not be planted too close together or near any structures like a house or shed–or even another tree. They will grow and compete for nutrients, water, sunlight as well as provide shade which could be detrimental to the growth of your new tree. You want to make sure you plant your tree far away from buildings and other trees so it can grow. It is important for it to be at least several feet away from buildings and other trees so that it has room for sunlight, air circulation, and water drainage without compromising the foundation. Tree roots need space in which they can grow, without encountering any obstacles such as building foundations. When this happens the root system is not healthy enough for supporting a large tree’s canopy, meaning it won’t be able to bear fruit and provide shade as desired – even if planted on an open ground. Don’t plant them near anything that will create shadows around their area of growth because sunlight is essential for healthy plants. They also require ample water (from rainfall) all year long so avoid planting next to high walls where rain isn’t well-distributed. Placing plants right next to buildings can also lead to them becoming stunted due to poor soil quality from runoff water coming off rooftops.

DO: Hire a Tree Care Company 

Tree care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your property. A tree care company offers specialized knowledge that can help you with all aspects of managing a healthy outdoor environment. Tree care companies are experts at assessing the health and safety of a tree from its roots to its leaves. Some people decide to get rid of trees because the tree is messing up their lawn or there’s an unsightly stump in front of their house. Luckily, homeowners can also hire professionals that specialize in taking care and maintaining the trees by cutting them down if necessary as well as providing tree trimming services. Hiring someone who specializes in taking care of specific types of trees will help keep the property safe from harm. When you hire a tree care company it is important to know where the trees are located, what type of tree they are and whether or not there’s any foliage on them. Freestone Tree and Lawn Care Service is the premier tree care company in Mabank, Texas. Their team of experts will come to your property for a free consultation on what you need done with all types of trees. They can also offer advice about proper trimming techniques at any time during the year. If you’ve had an issue with power lines being cut by low-hanging branches that are too close to wires then they are here to help. 

How do you take care of a tree?

A tree is a living thing, so you must water it with the right amount of rain or fresh water to sustain its life and keep compost on the ground around it. A good way to do this is by not walking in front of them during rainy days because your footsteps will compact soil that’s been moistened by rainfall. It also helps if you clear any branches from areas near sidewalks for safety reasons. They also soak up carbon dioxide from the air, so they must be planted in good soil to get enough nutrients for them to grow strong. There are many other ways to take care of trees such as watering and fertilizing them regularly, getting rid of any bugs that may be living in their bark or leaves which could harm the health of your plant if left untreated for too long.

How do you keep trees healthy?

To make sure your trees remain healthy you should first look at their leaves to determine if they are experiencing an issue with either getting enough water or having insufficient protection from excessive sun exposure. You can take care of your tree by ensuring there is enough space around it so as not to crowd any plants together too tightly or allow soil from one plant to spill into another’s living area. Fertilize regularly which promotes new growth (which means more flowers or fruit). Trimming shrubs often also helps rejuvenate them. Mulching provides needed nutrients while also keeping moisture levels consistent throughout dry spells – especially helpful when having trees on clay-type soils.

A tree is a great addition to any home, adding beauty and value. But like any living thing, trees need care and attention to thrive. Most homeowners are not trained arborists but there are some basics they can follow to keep their trees healthy. In order to take care of a tree on your property, you need to know how much water it needs per day and when to fertilize it. Homeowners should also prune the branches that are growing too close together or in places where they have grown into wires. It is important not only for the health of the tree but also for safety reasons as well. Homeowners have many questions when it comes to tree care. They want to know how often they should prune their trees, whether or not they need a permit for planting a tree in the front lawn, and if there is any way to save the leaves from falling off of their trees. If you are looking for a way to get help in caring for your trees, then consider hiring the professionals at Freestone Tree and Lawn Care Service. They can provide tree care services that range from tree removal to tree trimming, and they even provide land clearing services. No matter what type of service you need, they will gladly come out to assess your needs and offer an affordable solution designed just for you! Give them a call today at 903-265-3036 or visit their website for a free quote.