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Freestone Tree and Lawn Care Service has been in business for nearly two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. We service Henderson County and Kaufman County, Texas. As a team of dedicated and dependable tree care professionals; our customers are assured of getting the most for their money.

We believe that the reason that we are still around today is due to our commitment to satisfying our customers, even the most discerning of our customers. We also work with the best and most experienced tree arborists in the county. They have received professional training and have what it takes to effectively perform the work that we need to have done. With their level of expertise, we can assist more with their tree and lawn care needs.

We often adapt to the needs of our customer’s needs, which is another one of the many things that set us apart. Regardless of the type of tree that our customer has, we have the necessary experience needed to effectively address your needs and help maintain the condition of your tree.

We often educate our customers about their trees so that they are equipped to know how to care for it. With the help of our certified tree arborists, we have helped hundreds maintain the beauty of his or her trees. We offer the most affordable and efficient tree services in the area. You are assured of receiving the best quality of tree services when you rely on us.

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Finding a Good Tree Service For Tree Stump Removal

You will need to determine the tree stump removal cost before you hire an experienced tree service. A reputable tree service can easily cost anywhere from $200 to $350 per tree stump. The price will obviously depend greatly on the severity of your tree’s condition and the size of your tree. Some tree removal services will even do the entire job for you, if you are interested to know the Tree Stump Removal Cost.

If you want to be completely sure that your tree has been properly removed and that there is no need for any kind of repair, you should take the time to consult a local tree service to get rid of all the loose soil. A reputable tree service should have some kind of equipment for digging through tree stumps without damaging the stump itself. Call us now for Tree Stump Removal Cost.

The next thing you will want to do is find out what is involved in having your stump professionally removed. This will involve hiring a tree service to remove the stump, then they will have to clean up the area so the soil can be prepared for the new stump. There will also be a small amount of bonding needed, which is a chemical process that makes the new stump look like the old one, so the soil can be restored back to its natural state. Text us now for Tree Stump Removal Cost.

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